Wednesday, 19 March 2014

58 The Village - Old fashioned tastes made from air and wishing.

58 the village

I went for coffee with Nik today for her birthday.

We went to a funky new to me place on Chevron Island. Nik reckons the coffee is very good and that's all the recommendation we needed really.

We were in full swing with chatter and so when the owner came over boasting about her cakes and sweeties, I didn't pay much attention after I had heard choc-mint cake cos that sounded good to me. She went on about how it was gluten, dairy, in fact everything free. I stopped listening and just told her I would be happy if it was full of fat and sugar and flour and stuff, and I reckon she nearly feel over. I was unaware that the 'organic' nature of everything was her 'thing', so I had inadvertently been a little rude.

Anyway order we did and then chattered on as girlies do. The cakes arrived and mine looked really YUM. I should have taken a photo, except that clicking away is never as close to mind as chomping so I plunged in.

For a cake that was made from, oh who knows I really didn't listen, but all good stuff, it was just lovely. It was a little walk down nostalgia street, the same real taste of mint and crunchie chocolate, as I remember from girlhood. It was just a bit of Nanna reminder and I am pleased to have found this place.

They are open for cocktails and dinner 3 nights a week, and I wonder how the 'organic' thing translates to booze, but I think I am curious enough to head back soon and find out.

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