Saturday, 15 March 2014

Dinner picnics

I have planned a little picnic on the beach for tonight. It doesn't matter what the food is, it always tastes better outdoors away from the table or the tellie.

When Bell was little I used to make meat balls and gather up whatever else we might have had in the cupboard or fridge. It didn't matter if the stuff really didn't match. We weren't looking for gold on MKR or Masterchief. It only mattered that there was some stuff to eat and share with her mates at the beach at Southbank after they had played in the water and run themselves ragged.

The kids would come and go and graze on whatever was there and if the budget permitted there would be ice creams for pudding and if not there was just more of dinner a bit later on. It definitely was a very pleasant way to spend the early evening.

So tonight I have some chicken rolls with tomato and avocado and Boccioni cheese and maybe a little rockie road for pud, so maybe MKR wouldn't be completely aghast....well now I am kidding myself, a store bough cooked chook and store bought rolls and store bought sweeties. At least I am slicing the tomato and stuff myself.

I am sure that Dog will enjoy it, though I am not so sure about Steve. We are on the same page about NOT liking sand in the rolls but he is more anti than me. We can eat on the grassy dunes then head off to the surf for a quiet walk and hope that no busy body gives us grief about the dog on the beach off the lead.

Even at night, in the dark, people can be whingers.

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