Thursday, 6 March 2014

Backyard Swans


Occasionally I look out and see a lovely bird, one which I am not tempted to set Dog onto. The shitting ugly ibis barely count as birds. They are just scavengers and are hideous and just take to shittting great piles of liquid gooop all down the fences and on the glass and around the pool and all over the pontoon.  Picnic makers in the park stand and applaud when we let Dog out and she runs like a demon to rid her domain of all these great white shitting machines, and so leave the folk to a peaceful feed of fish and chips.

I am not sure she differentiates between them and other birds so as we have been entertaining a large flock swans this week I have been careful to keep her well away while I feed them. Today however I let her come onto the pontoon with me and even though they hissed and were a little reluctant to come too close the swans and Dib seemed to manage to co-exist well enough.

From just a couple the group has grown to 7 and they are majestic as they glide over the water. Oddly enough though their feet are quite gumby under the water and they frantically paddle away like a man running on 1 leg, a hand and a trunk- all a bit lopsided and un-co. 

Dog is injured at present and we are off to the vet this afternoon to hopefully find she has just been too exuberant in her pursuit of the ibis, and that a few days of taking it easy will see her back to normal. If that is the case then I suppose the swans will really have to watch out, cos she doesn't do sitting still very well and with a few days' pent up energy I reckon she will see BIRD and just go like the clappers.

The swans are lovely, but not an enticement to living any more rural than this. I reckon if necessary I could enjoy watching them on the tellie and save some money on bread. Greenies cover your eyes when I say that this morning I had no bread so did a bit of a Marie Antoinette and fed 'em croissants instead. Please don't comment on the sugar and the butter and the 'not breadness' of it all. I know. I just wanted them to know they could expect food here if they come back tomorrow.

Yeh I have bread for the morning.

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