Saturday, 29 March 2014

The sale of the Century

The weather fairies have been kind and Belly's garage sale has been a huge success. This means that she has sold a lot of stuff and has cash to burn, but I reckon the real indicator of success is that she has had a fine time. There were a number of her friends who rallied to help and I can see how that would increase the levity factor. But perhaps the real reason for her success is that in at least this instance she is nothing like her mother.

I have attempted this sort of interaction with the locals twice and only 2 times have I needed to be restrained from hitting someone with an ugly chipped jug or similar bit of tat, and only a few times have I told complete strangers to fuck off out of my place, because I would far rather give whatever it is they were wanting to a charity shop or dump it, than sell it to them for any amount of cash. The first time I cannot recall if any money was made and the second time amazing money was made. Both times though I would clearly have been better off if Belly had taken charge.

There is something about people at a garage sale, or a demolition sale, that give me the irrits. They all want something for nothing. And I get it, if I don't want then why can't I just give it to them, well because I paid for it in the first place that's why, and just cos I don't want it anymore that doesn't make it worthless. I mean I don't want the Mona Lisa , but I wouldn't give it away at a garage sale.

They all had enough of a good time to have decided to front up again tomorrow for one final fling before the leftovers get taken off to the charity shop. I do very much hope that she rewards herself with a nice bottle of wine and a takeaway tonight. She deserves at least that much for being a wonder bug, polite thing under circumstances that make me overflow with rudeness and bile.

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