Thursday, 27 March 2014

Back Aches and Noise

Being told that I have only 2 options for passing the day, that is lying down or walking, makes me aware of just what a lazy fucker I am in an ordinary day, cos I clearly spend most of the time seated on my arse doing god knows what.

After spending time spread eagle on the floor with Zig and Bell, making garage sale signs on very a large bits of cardboard, I could hardly walk, and so yesterday, through a bit of a drug haze and a few tears I took myself off to the physio and yes Adam told me my back was fucked AGAIN. He seemed to think that until I get my knee sorted I can expect this sort of thing to happen more often than not. Oh JOY!

So he got out the expensive version of heat cream and gave my back a good seeing to, not too many tears in that and then sent me on my way with the instructions to lie or walk and keep up with the drugs.

So today as Steve got himself sorted for the OFF to Blighty, I have alternated between couch and walking the house. Occasionally the walking has been useful as I went in search of some missing essential and other times fruitless and more than a little aimless.

Steve is still packing and as he is a big boy I have no doubt that he is more than capable of doing it without supervision, and if he forgets something I am sure that he will be able to sort it out when he gets to Mike`s place.

I am pleased that sometime ago we agreed that I would just drop him at the train station cos I am pretty sure that my back would not allow for 3 hours driving to and from the airport.

So I am wondering if a tree falls in forest and there is no one there, does it make any sound, and similarly, if it just me in the big house and I groan on about being sore am I really making any noise.
If not then that means I am not aching. Yippee to that thought!!

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