Sunday, 30 March 2014

Sunday Shopping YES, doing the MATH, NOOOO!

'Doing the Math', well it's just plain bloody boring and whilst it's not beyond me - as luck would have it, it was my third teaching area when I started out as a guppy but I kept that info very close to my chest, it's just something that I truly can't be bothered with.

When I was 40 and Bell was heading off into the wide blue yonder for what turned into 18 months of fraught and fun and frolic, I decided that that was more than enough of doing the bills down to the penny and balancing bloody everything except the scales of course.

It drove Steve mad that I wouldn't reconcile bank statements or check credit card billings or cross reference dockets and charges, so little by little, well actually given his pedantic nature and my absolute antipathy, by big flying leaps, he became responsible for 'doing the math'.

So he's in London for his birthday and I have sent cards but I wanted to send something to open. I went hunting for my English credit cards which must be in the same safe place I hid the oyster cards and as that was fruitless and after on line looking I did not have enough pounds in my pom account, I had to use the Oz card.

I found what I wanted and bought it and then looked for a receipt in my emails.... NOTHING THERE! This was odd, even for a Math refuser like me.

I went back into the shop site and my item was still there in my basket, not processed. So I bought it, and this time it all went through like it always does, but it left me feeling like I had buggered something up. So back to on line banking only to discover that it wouldn't let me in....Oh shit!! I am never gonna hear the end of this if I have handed over all my details to some Nigerian.

I called the bank and was chatting to the lovely Sean for more than 30 minutes, well actually I was on hold for a fucking long time first. He couldn't work it out either. He gave me a temporary password which also didn't work, and then finally the math guru told me to give up for a while and try  it all again later on. Well you know what, I could have thought of that!!

So I did try later on 4 or 5 times later, before finally the password worked but I couldn't see the charge for the pressie on the account, even though Sean had no trouble with it. I reckon there must be something to click on to swap between the MasterCard and the Amex, but I was buggered if I could find it.

So I had to email Stevie with all this strange news and probably have not made his day. I am sooo hoping that the pressie proves worth the trouble.

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