Monday, 17 March 2014

94.1 Radiothon

94.1FM Gold Coast Radio

There's a great local radio station here on the Goldie, 94.1 FM

It is run by an eclectic group of men and women all with the aim of providing a fine mix of music for people of some vintage. It's unlikely that you will hear too much rap crap or indeed any heavy metal, and I have to admit that this suits me just fine.

The station is running a fund raiser this week to draw in some cash to replace their transmitter which by the sounds of things is being held together by spit and bobby pins.

Friend of mine, Nikki and Tony are DJs at the station, and so I headed out today to do a stint on the phones collecting $50 from punters who want to help out.

It was quite fun being at an 'incoming call centre' as apposed to the outgoing place where I once worked. There can be no comparison between chatting to people who rang in willing to help and cold calling folk who are mostly already pissed off and talking to a stranger who wants something is the tipping point to their phone rage.

The generosity of locals is heart-warming and I hope that enough cash can be raised
 to enable them to continue playing the music I enjoy.

Yeh selfish I know.

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