Tuesday, 4 March 2014

I sty a little lump in my eye

All the madness of the last month has led to this moment. A bloody great sty in my eye. Now I have not had one since I was a little girl. Shit they hurt!

I went off to the chemist and spoke to the pharmacist thinking that in 2014 there wold be some instant cure, and you know what, yeh bugger me there is not.

She suggested that I could try alternating hot and cold compresses. And then when it get really ugly in about a week there is something else I could try - the stuff for conjunctivitis but she wouldn't bother, she would just let my body heal itself.

How can this be possible is what I want to know. With all the medical breakthroughs I am told I have to have this honking sore thing for a week!!

While I was there I asked about the new treatments for fungal toenails....yeh I know that is even more disgusting to think about than the eye sty. Just be pleased that I have not included any photos. About 6 weeks ago I saw Dr Jane and she said tutt tutt tutt about going to those asian foot supermarkets and sticking your feet in what almost certainly is fungal heaven. So she prescribed a routine of appling stuff twice a day for 2 months. It's not making any damn difference, so I thought I'd try something else. The new stuff sounds FABO. I really am a product of advertising. The new stuff ranges in price between $60 and $100 and still takes about a lifetime!! Now I can understand why Dr Jane suggested ripping off the nail. It must surely mean that the waiting game is shorter, though I do believe I lack courage.

So I am rotting from top to toe, literally, but ohh what a lovely month it has been. February is always hectic with Belly and Zig's big days, but it's a wonderful hectic, even if it leaves me a little dented.

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