Thursday, 20 March 2014

Health Insurance Comparisions - I have lost the will to go on.

If you have private health insurance in Australia, then you know that the premiums are going up again in April and if you are with Medibank Private then you know that they have been very generous and given you less than a week or so to do any price comparisons.

So being a product of advertising like I am, I went online and found I-select and filled in all the shit and then the lovely Justin rang me back. We chattered on amiably for more than 30 minutes and he emailed me something to read and now we have a date on Monday for some more chatter.

I am very very pleased  that Justin did all the messing around cos I just wanted to throw the whole fucking lot out in the wheelie bin. It's collection day tomorrow YIPPEE!

Anyway what has emerged is that Steve and I have very different ideas about what the insurance should do and this might well be because he is - to use Justin's expression, as fit as a flea and I have been in and out of bloody hospital for what seems like my whole life.

Steve reckons that it's all a gamble and as he is almost never unwell and has not been to hospital in his adult life that there is not a real big need for it and had he stashed the cash into a pillow case for all these years he would be well and truly ahead.

But me, well not so much. I've always had insurance and for that I am very pleased. The only time I have had to endure the public system was in London and I managed to slide out of that bed pretty lickerty spilt but only on presentation of my Visa card - well worth the flash!

  • tonsil tickle
  • baby machine
  • gall bladder rip
  • boob chop 1A
  • boob chop 1B
  • bowing of the tubes
  • flue removal
  • camera up the leg - heart it!
  • steel knee ouchie
  • boob chop 2
I am not sure that's it but it's close, so I reckon I must be well ahead.

The conversation has continued long after Justin hung up. I like the idea of the peace of mind and Steve is ready to take his chances.

We will need to be on the same page on Monday. The weekend is likely to be lively.

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