Wednesday, 27 April 2016

W is for WASHING.

Even when you are on holidays, the old bullshit domestic chores rear their ugly heads, and as we have been gypsies for more than 2 weeks now, and brought with us limited outfits and undies, washing definitely needed.

The trouble is that at home washing is done on remote control. I don't give it a thought....and my laundry is set up so that our clothes fit on the washing line and it's done in heart beat and left to dry, away from anywhere where I have to see it or trip over it, but that just ain't the case in other people's places.

The women who own the flat we are staying in Melbourne really do have tickets on themselves. They think this place is so very flash that we and anyone lucky enough to have parted with cash to stay here, really should be leaving them a gilt edged thank-you note and a little parcel. It's meant to be a 2 bedder, but one bedroom is internal and no light or external window and I thought there was 2 bathrooms mentioned in the ad, but there must have been fine print saying that the second bathroom is only a loo, and so only a bathroom for midgets or small children who don't mind the idea of showering under the flush. So it's an odd little place and there is certainly no place to hang wet washing.

But all up it's not a bad head rest for a few days.

It has a washing machine and so I threw in a load and then went looking for somewhere I might hang some stuff that really shouldn't go through the drier, which is a lot of stuff I reckon. I only use my drier for towels, cos I don't like the way clothes smell when they come out of the machine.

I improvised. I emptied out the clothes hanging in the wardrobe and opened the window and hung our wet clothes in the cupboard, leaving the doors open and now I hope that the air-drying method might just work, at least we are not tripping over wet washing and looking at the sag of it all in the lounge room.

This holiday thing is hard work.

The CML keeps rearing it's ugly head, or maybe it's the meds, or maybe it's all the good food and the booze and the sight seeing and the packing and the unpacking, and the acclimatising to different beds and pillows, but whatever it is my eyes decided that my face needed a bit of a wash too.

So we have clean clothes and my face is gleaming and we are off again tonight to follow up on Stevie's reccie today, in the hunt for more food and drink, and maybe some vegetables, or maybe not...who knows, cos it's all part of the adventure.

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