Friday, 15 April 2016

M is for Manky Smell.

We are all settled in.

Well we would be if I wasn't quite so susceptible to shitting smells. My mouth starts to go a bit numb and my lips begin to swell up, seriously, who needs lip fillers if you suffer allergic reactions to stinky stuff.

Except that it's not only damp and mould and some sort of vanilla cover-it-up so they don't notice stench, it's lots of smells that do it.

When I walk through Myer and those people come at me with their spray bottles and swatches, I imagine myself in Vietnam during the war, being stalked by stealthy soldiers. Sometimes I just have to go out and leave 'em to it, sometimes I will politely say, 'No Thanks' and sometimes I must look like I am a snipper soldier myself - fierce and dangerous and they just fall back to the safety of their counters. I fucking hate going through all that shit!

I am allergic to so many different perfumes and after shaves that I have now settled on one for me and one for Stevie. He likes to change things up - you know, walk a while on the wild side, and at times like that I put my nose to the sniff test and try to find one that does not make me gag and swell. It ain't easy and it's not pretty either.

So anyway the window in the bathroom doesn't open and that might be the cause of the problem but whatever it is, it's not getting any better and when the girlie came up and said, 'I can't smell anything', I very nearly turned too quickly so I could knock her flat with my protruding lips. Stevie came in and reinforced that it DID in deed smell. I doubt she was best pleased. I am not sure why she would think anyone would make it up. I mean who wants to pack up and move again while you are on hols?

It's a bit of a pain in the arse. Now she is looking for another apartment and we will have to pack and move, but we are here for a week so best get it sorted I reckon, and I don't think Stevie could bare the whinging.

I must remember to take the ice-cubes I have already been making cos I like it, and the ice also helps with the must have heard that before huh? lol

Do certain smells set you off? - in a good way or a bad way?

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