Tuesday, 12 April 2016

J is for Juggernaut

  1. a large, heavy vehicle, especially an articulated lorry.
    "the juggernaut thundered through the countryside"
    • a huge, powerful, and overwhelming force.
      "the juggernaut of public expenditure"

Ok so really I am taking the piss just a little, cos as I lay in bed in the wee hours and the rain started pissing down and the carpet got wet and Stevie was up on a chair closing the top part of the sash windows, (which are never closed), cos rain was pissing in, I rolled over and thought, 'Ah how lovely, that'll be my 'I' post - Inclimate V Inclement weather.

So I got up and took some piccies of the damage and thought I'd get started.

Bugger me if I don't open the blog and see that 'I' was yesterday.... SHIT!

But Juggernaut still fits, cos the rain, while not a large heavy vehicle, it did prove to be a powerful overwhelming force.

It absolutely chucked it down!

The pool overflowed and most unusually the fish pond was almost full to bursting. The level was way above the overflow pipe so now I am hoping that it drains before some council dick pops round to tell me I need a fence around my pond cos it is at least temporarily, deeper than 30cm. I hope I didn't miss the bit where my girls were washed over the top! But the real sign that it had been pissing down, was that the whole of the back deck was wet, right up to the back doors. The wind must have been pushing the water horizontally.

So now I have stripped the couches outside and am washing the covers and have pulled all the cushions inside and they are just pissing themselves all over the floor, but I have to somehow get 'em dry before thursday when we are off and P and J move in to love Dog. This wasn't part of my schedule. Bugger!

It has been a long long long, hot dry summer and I guess we are out of practice with storms, so instead of leaping to action I rolled over and enjoyed the fact that the patter on the roof was drowning out the sound of the fucking road works across the way. Isn't is amazing how screeching sound leaps about at night. 

I hope that they got wet, except that that will just mean that they will drag back their walloping machines another night to get the job done. Ah well, will you look at that....I got to the Juggernaut vehicles!! See if you write for long enough things work 'emselves out.

Is there a noisy price for progress near you? 

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