Wednesday, 13 April 2016

K is for KISSING

Ah yes KISSING, I remember you fondly.

We met when I was 11 or 12 at some kids' party in a game of Spin the Bottle. His name was Greg something or other and Daddy Cool was playing on the radio. It was shit! I reckon this might have been where my disdain for peer pressure kicked in.

But we ran into each other a lot, some good, some not so good visits, some perfunctory and some truly hot hot hot.

My lovely Dad's mother was a bit of a strange old stick. She smoked like a maniac and died very young of yeh, hate to say it, Lung Cancer. She'd look after us very occasionally and my greatest memory was that when she was meant to be brushing my hair, that she just sort ran the brush bristles over the very top and it was all a bit fragile, but perhaps that was all she could manage, and she smelled when you kissed her cheek goodbye.

My other Nanna had soft squidgy old lady face powder kisses, you could sort of slump into her cheeks for a snuggle up and a snog.

No Dear Reader, I am not gonna bore you or you with a walk down snogging street, titillate yourself I say by having a think back to all that lovely. But here's a jumping off point, behind the shed, on the train, in the back of a taxi, in the pub. Go on, spend a minute or 2 dwelling on the best ones, it doesn't matter if you finish reading, I reckon reminiscing uses up more calories than reading anyway.

Yesterday was the Grandie's interview for High School, he is growing up so fast, taller and more lovely and needing new shoes. I was given to thinking as we made our way to the car, passed little corners of seclusion, about all the snogs he has coming. (Surely I am not the only one who spent time sucking face at school?)  Some will be good, some spinach stained, some sexy as hell, some spiteful and some so comfortable that he'll think he's found the ONE.

I think perhaps he has already started doing a bit of practicing, if the love-bite-bruises on his arm are anything to go by. Sucking arms and snogging pillows seems to be timeless.

Oh sure I hope he spends time studying too, ah but the snogging!

Generally I do not envy the youngsters anything, but it is exciting to think of all this being ahead for him.

Who was your BEST kiss and who was your WORST kiss?

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