Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Q is for Quaint and Quickly hurry up and slow down.

Adelaide is a lovely quaint town / city.

It's got oldie-worldie charm and just when you think you have it all worked out and are in the slow groove of trams and free buses, friends take you for a drive up to Mt Lofty for dinner and drive the windy way back to town and you see the sparkle and shine of the a modern place and the roadworks and night madness of construction in very poor light reminds you that you are in deed in a big old city.

There are many pockets of houses, (which quiet possibly are now businesses, even though I like to imagine families there not papers and offices and phones and computers,) which are Victorian terraces or semis or detached like in London except that many have a wonderful swing up roof over their front verandah and the Stone construction makes 'em look like little pieces of abstract art work, small but perfectly formed.

And did I mention the pubs? Bloody marvelous!

But the Victorian nature and the pubs,  might well be where the London connection end. The roads are wide and the whole city is well planned and easy to navigate, and the people are country style folk who happily look you in the eye and smile and give directions and I am only guessing here cos it hasn't happened - yet - call you a dick head if you are one, cos I don't reckon they fudge over what they think.

The weather has been a little bit of autumn and we have certainly loved that. And standing under a dropping - leaf tree and watching the deadens float down is lovely. It's dry and they swirl around making a crunchie scraping noise instead of landing in a black rotting wet mess as happens in London.

We had a 3 day unlimited metro card and that took us very far afield and all around. It's efficient and I reckon if you knew all the buses, there is just no where too difficult. The app for your phone however is not always reliable as the folk who watched our little melt down as we walked fucking miles out of our way following the app directions, can attest. Hurry up and slow down!

The food is wonderful, although you can always do better than that manky pizza shop in Melbourne Street that sells 'em by the acre....that was seriously shit, big, huge shit! in fact Melbourne Street might not be the place to head for food - remember the Chinese meal? Yep Melbourne St.

There is so much to see and do that really a week is just not long enough. Today we are hiring a car and heading out of town and tomorrow we are off on our driving adventure, so we sat yesterday and worked out what we wanted to do in a day and by the time we did it all I was a snoring mess on the couch....Quickly hurry up and slow down. But while we ate eggs at the Adelaide markets we planned our day we wandered when we might be able to come back to this lovely quaint girl-lady, cos even going like maniacs we weren't going to be able to see it all.

Have you ever been surprised by a city?
What is favourite place to visit?

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