Tuesday, 19 April 2016

P is for PUDDING

When I was younger, well ok last week , I would be tempted to forego the actual dinner part of dinner and dive straight into the dessert. Typically I'd have a good look at the menu and think in reverse. So if there was a really good pudding, and let's face how could anything full of sugar and fat not be good, then the rest of the meal needed to be chosen with that in mind - you know - leave plenty of room for pudding.

But now all too often restaurants have a special silly little menu for puds, that they present at the end of the mains. It's a trendy bit of bullshit, that gives me the irrits, cos room may not have been left. Bugger! And the chances of me doing a quick 4 miler to build up an appetite are less than me saying no to the sugar.

But this week, I have replaced the pud with booze - beer and wine and nightcaps. Yep and that's been very pleasant too.

Adelaide seems to be home to flash chocolate shops and midnight dessert bars, and so last night when we got off the bus, after yet another lovely meal, but no pudding, we saw that the dessert place nearby was actually OPEN.

We looked at each other and thought, nightcap vs pud and laughed as we pushed open that door.

The place was heaving with young folk! It was darkly romantic and there was a subdued hum and I couldn't decide if it was because they had all fallen into a sugar coma or because they were all busy playing on their phones.

The menus were somewhat tatty red laminated card and were more than a little difficult to read.

Finally my beer eyes focused and I noticed that most of the puddings were like $35!

Oh sure they were listed as being for 2 people, but I didn't see anyone actually sharing.

I was in the middle of a quandary, a real dilemma. Stevie on the other hand was not nearly so conflicted - 3 and a half Peronis or a pud was not a difficult choice and the pub was right across the street.

I finally opted for a liqueur and we somewhat sadly handed back the menus and pushed in our chairs.

What I did wonder about though was how the kids afforded such a dessert. Oh sure they were all skinny little things so tucking away a few thousand calories would be no muffin top for them, but I worried that they might have had to forego dinner not just once but for a week to allow for the sugar hit.

It seems that this might just be the fashion of the day, and who knows next month the place to be might be a free lettuce and water bar, but in the mean time these places are making money hand over fist and good luck to 'em too.

What's the very best dessert you have ever eaten?  

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