Friday, 8 April 2016

G is for going GREY

In lieu of colour last time at the hairdressers, and in a bid to disguise the tumbling out of the tresses, I opted for a perm...I think I have mentioned this before.

I rather thought I'd pop back and get something done with the roots but haven't bothered, cos, well, cos I am quite enjoying seeing what colour my real hair is. It's been a veritable age since I have seen it.

The demise of my marriage introduced me to hair colour! I went from naturally very blonde to fire engine red almost as I left the building and that was more than 2 dozen years ago.

Since then there hasn't been a style or colour I haven't tried, except au natural and certainly at my age and size no-one wants to see that ever again. Except that now I am curious, and if I don't like, then I can fix it, no surgery required.

There was a rumour that blondes don't go grey. Well I am here to tell you that that is just bullshit! There are plenty of greys in that regrowth. And maybe I should be pleased, cos isn't grey hair a sign of wisdom?

So now I am sitting here sifting through what I know and think I know and wonder what wisdom the old grey hairs have dragged along.

Here's 10 bits of grey haired smart-arseness. It's not mantra worthy, and please do not send in the legal fellas if it doesn't work for you. It won't cure cancer or make you a more pleasant person or allow you luck in the lotto, so read on at your own risk.  

Don't argue with the Council you are on a hiding to nowhere.

Wearing cheap synthetic nickie-noos makes your bits itch, go bare arsed in preference.

Doctors are useful but are not gods to be hailed and bowed to, so pick good ones.

You get the education you put up with, so have your say.

Use the whole bottle of Anti-fungal shit on your toe nails, or that mess will never go away.

Carrying weight is exercise.

Please yourself, it's no-one else's job.

Nanna naps are a luxury, one for every grey hair zzzz.

Wear comfortable shoes, happy feet show on your face.

Read shit and enjoy your coffee.

What are your best bits of wisdom?

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