Tuesday, 26 April 2016

V is for Visual feast.

We drove around the Mornington Peninsula on our way from Victorian Sorrento, (as apposed to our little Goldie  Sorrento), to the big smoke of Melbourne and it really is just picture perfect. You can zig zag across the peninsula and pop into little lookouts and bigger touristy places all in very quick order. Most of it is sort of slow poke farming type of places but soon, if you head out to Arthurs Seat ( no punctuation so I guess that's not Arthur's seat, but a bunch of blokes called Arthur playing musical chairs with only one seat), you'll be able to get a chair lift from the beach up the 330m hill to the top and I reckon this is gonna be quite a ride and a fabbo view. Stevie said, ' I don't fucking think so,' and that was before we saw that it was still under construction. Chair lifts are clearly not his thing, but I'd have a go in a heart beat. Look out for this bit of fabulous if you are there in the next little while.

No I don't have any photos, but I do have some wonderful images in my brain so you will just have to check it out for yourself and fill that bit of your head with beach and headland and cows and fields and golf courses and canopy trees over the roads. All very AHHHH.

Neither of us have driven around Melbourne, instead always opting for public transport or Shanks's ponies, so it was useful to be doing it in 2016 cos I managed to navigate between the many paper maps we had gathered and the google maps on my phone, with the moving icon which was us. These phone maps are just bloody brilliant, and we only went wrong once and only a little bit and only because I just couldn't see a big enough bit of the map all at once.

So land in Young Street we did, and move in we have, and out onto Brunswick street for a long mooch, we've been.

It's a pretty gritty end of town although the further north you go up Brunswick street the looser can be your grasp on your handie.

The contrast between the rural idyll and the urban grit is palpable and even though I have thoroughly enjoyed the bush pace, I am pleased to be back in town.

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