Saturday, 16 April 2016

N is for NEARLY, so very nearly.

A youngster, well a child really, maybe even just a fetus, arrived yesterday to do a sniff test at the stinky-mininky, and declared that there was in fact no smell and no problem, but that she would send in Harold the Handyman to fix the window opener so at least a little fresh air could mix with the stench. Yep very nearly swatted her with the newspaer, but we're on holies so we pissed off for breakfast and hoped that some open window action might make all the difference.

Breakfast was very nearly the best omlette I have ever shoveled into my gob. We ate outdoors and the air was cooler and the sky - oh I am now waxing too lyrical about a plate of eggs and mushrooms but it certainly filled the hole.

In Adelaide there is a free bus. YEP A FREE BUS. I know, I very nearly fell off my feet too. And it's useful for getting oriented. So breakfast done and onto that very bus. It's about an hour for the round trip. We are in North Adelaide and had been the full monty yesterday, so we decided to hop off at the southern most point and walk up to town.

Looking at derelict buildings and foreign architecture is not everyone's cuppa, but we like it. We strolled and pointed and imagined.

Rundle Street and the Mall are much as I remember them, although there have been obvious store changes and there are still some empty shops and closed up second and third storeys of lovely old buildings, which I hope get a second chance sometime soon.

There's a lift in a clear tube at Target, that very nearly sent Stevie screaming for the stairs and lots of sculptures and bits to look at. It's a busy pretty little town centre.

In the Adelaide Arcade, last night's very very ordinary Chinese food came a calling...urgently and insistently. We all but ran to DJs and VERY BLOODY NEARLY, needed to purchase new under bits, whew just in time! Enough said about all that the better. Suffice to say that I might have had a little cry in the disabled persons loo and was therefore pleased with Stevie's old fashioned habit of carrying a carefully laundered and ironed snot rag. I felt very much better but am not going back for Chinese food any time soon.

We popped back onto the free bus and made our way to O'Connell street, to check out the foodieness. I sat in a lovely pub with my feet up, slurping something icy, while Stevie did a wander and then joined me for a beer.

We did a bit of groceries and very nearly lost it at the price...things are expensive here in the south, and then we wandered cross country back to the flat.

We asked for progress and it seemed that Harold had in deed fixed the window although in his expert opinion the problem was the damp towels we had hung on the rails after our shower. Yeh Harold had better watch himself.

The place was better though still not good, I played the leukemia card and they gave me that shitful face that I can't stand, but they did say they'd see what they could do.

She rang and said that she thought she had something sorted so she collected us for the grand reveal. Stevie popped in to see if the smelly bath situation was peculiar to apartment 48 or indicative of all, and his verdict was that the smell was there too. They have some wierdo air vent tiles in the face of the bath like they EXPECT leaks and are not disappointed.

We told her that as the smell is still there, we might as well not bother packing and moving. Well she VERY FUCKING NEARLY slapped the shit out of this old woman. She went a little red in the face and I was certain she was too young for it to be a menopausal flush and was understandably not too gracious in defeat. I felt badly for her, she had tried, she had juggled, she was proud of her efforts, and we turned her down. I have seen that face on my student kids before. Nothing quite like the look of disappointed youth.

Off for dinner just around the corner, cos really enough walking is enough walking. The British Hotel seemed like a reasonable choice and as I had picked the Chinese, it was Stevie's turn. The steaks were bloody brilliant and the potatoes very nearly as good as Stevie's. I am sure we will wander back there before we have finished with Adelaide.

Beer and wine and Tia Maria saw me very nearly slightly sloshed.

Ah and to bed.
How has your day been?
Do you do well in holiday accomm? 

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