Thursday, 14 April 2016

L is for Leaving on a Jet Plane.

Tra la la la. I am absolutely certain that you are pleased NOT to be hearing me sing this classic from the 60's. There is totally enough horror and shit in the world without me adding to it via the noise pollution that is my singing.

But the sentiment is right.

Stevie's little birthday holiday this year, starts today. Yeh it's a bit late but that's cos I didn't fancy doing the dance around all those little snots - oh sorry, kids, on holidays, but it seems for all my sorting and planning, that I have buggered up, cos we will be flying straight into the South Australia's Kids Set Free Zone. Bugger!! Still it's all sorted so off we will go and hope that Adelaide kids have all gone away for their hols so we won't be dodging them all day and all night.

I trusted the travel agent to book the flights and she has sent the bills through for the extra leg room seats (I'm a shortie so don't give a damn about the legs, but I do care about the face space), and whilst I can see it all on paper, I am never comfortable until the boarding passes are in my hot little hand, so I have checked in online and have said passes and now am hoping that there is no reason for Virgin to bump us around.

It's unlikely that anyone would ever be thrilled to have disrupted sleep cos of bloody night road works, and I must admit that when, at about 3.30am, they were dragging in their noisy metal sign, which for some reason known only to them they place just outside my bedroom window, I was not best pleased, but as I still haven't packed, I now have plenty of time. Isn't that nice?

It doesn't matter how many times I have been on a plane it is always the same, apart from the going on the actual plane, I get really excited about heading somewhere new. Must be the gypsy in me. I unpack fully and set the bathroom up like I like it and then am happy to explore.

We haven't really got a list of what to see and what to do, cos I reckon that what ever we see or where ever we end up it will all be new and it's not always a helpful travel idea to start out with a list that could possibly herald failure, 'Oh Bugger I missed that!' In Singapore after nearly a fortnight of seeing all sorts of stuff not 'on the list' but wonderful, I recall hiring a driver for the day and giving him a list of all the places I had missed. He was excellent, but the day passed in such a blurr that I don't really recall that stuff. Better I reckon to be pleased with what you have seen, even if it's by serendipitous accident.

So to finish packing and saying bye bye to Dog, who is being left in the capable hands of P and J. She is not thrilled to see the cases come out of hiding, but I am sure these folk will spoil her well, but not too well I hope cos I want her to be thrilled to see us when we get back.

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