Wednesday, 30 March 2016

The Boys!

Anyone who tells you that 4.30 am is a wonderful time of the day clearly does not suffer insomnia and are more than likely facing the dawn from the dark side. Ah yeh, I do remember those days of all night drinking and dancing and falling asleep as the sun poked up. There was a little patch of cold sand in Greece that had my name on it for 2 glorious weeks. A young gay fella and a Brazillian woman and I arrived in Mykanos hungover and sleepy and watched with rather stale amusement as the rest of the tourists played carousel roulette, waiting for their bags. We 3 stumbled onto the ferry towards Paros and then became firm holiday buddies. We dined and drank until sunup and slept a great deal during the day when it was too hot to be out in the sun anyway. Ah those beach sunrises....bloody beautiful!

But those days are a distant memory now.

Sunrise today at the Big House and as to be expected, I was on my own and the silence was lovely, being awake of course gave me the shits but the calm was pleasant.

The smaller boys were up at 7 looking for food and we were ready for the off at a little after 8.

The Southport Parklands was about empty at the hour so we swam to the Lego man pontoon and the boys just had a hoot. Then they jumped and then they swam again. Home to the pool to replace the sea salt with pool salt and off to the village for some sugar for morning tea - please don't ever send me a diabetic kid to care for cos I just truly wouldn't have the capacity to say no to the donuts and milkshakes...that's my Ma story and I am sticking to it.

The heat of the day and they are playing on the I Pad and then there is a movie from the rental box in the village. Maybe then it will be cool enough to allow 'em back into the pool.

Dinner at the surf club tonight where they can play out on the beach after dinner. All pretty mellow really.

The bigger boys slept later and now the little big boy is off on an exploration of town adventure.  

Time for a little zzzz off for me maybe?

Do you enjoy a little Nanna Nap?

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