Saturday, 5 March 2016

Gold Coast City Council Fairytale

Once upon a rainy old Saturday there was an aging woman just minding her own business. She was not beautiful nor fashionably slim, in fact in Hollywood terms she'd have been closer to the villain than the heroine.

Saturdays are quiet and peaceful in the castle. The Lord goes forth to do battle with a ball, by wildly swinging a stick and after Dog is seen to, it's up with the feet and on with a movie. Ahhh bliss.

But all was not well in the Old Woman's kingdom. There had been trouble afoot for months and the tension had been rising. There was evil brewing.

The anonymous evil ruler, had been stretching and flexing his ever increasing tentacles. The seemingly omnipotent ruler had put in place sufficient buffers to see him quite removed from the day to day dirty gritty nitty, and the system had allowed for favoritism and corruption. But the foot soldiers who did his bidding had been seen alternating between lazing around and trying to intimidate and wheel nonexistent power.    

Our Old Woman hero, had spent a goodly while documenting the corruption and misadventures of the Ruler's Fellas. She had not shied away from calling a spade a shovel and it seemed these tools were more than a little foreign to the Fellas.

This tardy slothful band of bozos had begun to get a little angsty. They were not happy having their work ethic or effectiveness questioned, and the Ruler also had had a bellyful of our Old Woman and her letters and social media exposes. The Ruler had firmly stuck his head in the sand but naturally kept his snout in the public money trough, as he hoped against hope that he would be re-elected so his reign could continue. The sloths, however,  began a campaign of destruction and intimidation. They broke laws and fist pumped with glee. They smashed up our heroine's property and they drove their chariots at the Old Woman's castle and when that didn't frighten her they marched right up to her becoming a very unattractive shade of puce, shouting and swearing like the banshees they were. They tried to frighten our Old Woman and scare her off. The tentacles swept in from many directions and tried to slap at her, but still she stood firm.

It seemed that our Old Woman was out of options and that she might have to just ride out the abuse and intimidation and threats unless one of the Fellas actually bashed her up, cos only then could the White Knights ride in with all guns blazing.

Perhaps a change in Rulers, might restore some sanity in the Kingdom?

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