Monday, 21 March 2016

45% of the votes = SHIT

This is the gated crapper in the park which about covers the effectiveness of the now returned councillor. How very shitful

Yeh yeh yeh, I live in a democracy and so we get the government we deserve, from the local branch up to the Federal Houses, but I can't help be disappointed that the old man PAUL TAYLOR is overseeing and I use the term so very loosely that if it was knicker elastic they would just be a puddle on the ground, Division 10 for another 4 fucking years. At 71 I reckon this is the only job he'd be able to bluff his way into and certainly the only one where he can stick nearly 200 grand into his pocket.

4 more fucking years of behind closed doors deals and 4 more years of spending public money on whatever whim grabs him or whatever dick requests come from his mates. 4 more fucking years of trying to track down the stinker and trying to get some clear concise HONEST answers out of the fella who's mantra is, 'I don't remember that meeting.'

And all this because we had 2 other damn fine candidates up for grabs and these 2 split the vote. Either one of them on their own would have romped in.

And all this because we live in a democracy where anyone can run for Council so long as you register on time and throw 250 bucks at the clerk.

Mona Heche and David Taylor ( definitely NOT a relative!!) are both young, clever, enthusiastic, 'say what they mean and mean what they say', kinda folk and I am very sorry that we wont be represented by them. I have had contact with both and it has definitely been far more pleasant than any dealings with the other tosser.

So after a possie of about a dozen lads invaded the park next door on saturday night and the police were called AGAIN, I am wondering if PAUL TAYLOR will now do what he promised to do in January and that is put in some lighting and some CCTV cameras. The lighting that comes on in the broad daylight of 5pm and is turned off at 9.30pm is clearly ineffective. The toilet in the park has been given the promised upgrade and is now lockable, at night, except that no-one comes to lock it, and so there is still shit smeared all over the walls in the morning light. The healthy shrubs have been ripped up and grasses have been planted in their stead and the picnic tables and the rotunda are still awaiting their ANNUAL hosing down. The Neighbourhood Watch programme is yet to get off the ground. 200000 dollars and you just have to know that cos I have chased him down for information and because I have had the audacity to expect representation, that I will never hear from him again and maybe that's a good thing cos at least no contact at all is not a lie.

Are you happy with your local representation? 
Don't even start me on the whole Trump fiasco in the states.

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