Thursday, 10 March 2016

Less is more in the Garden.

It's been a satisfying kinda day. 

Full bill of health from the Eye Doctor and we all know how rare it is that I get a full bill of any sort of health. Yippee!!! Steve's was good too, but then that is no surprise.

Ran the ugly gauntlet of pusher fuckers at the pre-voting place and got that crossed off our lists too. I fancied having a slap at some of those well meaning folk as they thrust their shit in my face, but figured that they were only trying as hard as they were to ward off the utter boredom of standing there all day, or maybe all week.

And finally we got into our farmer Joe outfits and had an almighty go at The Tree.

I have enjoyed allowing it to become very fringe heavy, and visitors could easily be forgiven for thinking that they might not be very welcome cos they had to dive under all the mess. Of course we always use the trademen's entrance through the garage so the low hanging branches never slapped us around. 

Still I have had a hankering for a view of The Tree as a sculpture and so the leafy camouflage had to go. We started conservatively but then went boldly on the attack.

There was an enormous pile of tree on the ground, and now there is a wonderful open space where maybe tomorrow, if I can convince Stevc to climb that shitty ladder again, maybe we can pop up some solar lights so I can enjoy The Tree day and night. Ah...Lovely. 

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