Monday, 28 March 2016


Oh dear, I thought it looked ok in real life, but this pic looks like I am setting up an old people's home lounge room. Hope I will be forgiven.

The Big House will be filled with testosterone tomorrow and that will be quite the shock to the usual . female domination of Dog and me.

The lovely Grandie is coming for a mini holiday and is bringing his mate for a bit of a wild old sleep over. I imagine that he has already told his friend that Ma is a push over and that they will be spoilt rotten and that anything they wish for, within reason of course, will be granted.

SO my so very recently reclaimed studio is having another makeover. I am moving in the pair of the big brown chair and setting up the little tellie and blowing up 2 air matresses so they can keep all their fartie smells and noise to themselves. Of course I am hoping that we do get to see 'em at least a little bit, for food I imagine and maybe the odd swim.

I don't imagine there will be much of slipping into my bed for a silly o'clock cuddle and game of Eye Spy, but people would argue that he is already to old for such nonsense.

His mate is silly fair and needs to be slathered at all times with factor 50. so I will need to be on my toes and Belly tells me that she is not sure about his swimming abilities so I suppose we will see how much of my life-saving skills I need to resurrect when he first dives in.

So that brings the male tally to 3 and the females only 2.

Except that one of Steve's mate's boys is also arriving tomorrow, so the balance will be well and truly skewed. Our last arrival is in his middle 20s and I don't know how much he has had to do with young boys but I imagine they will want to rough house and be silly and he might be tired after travelling the world for months and looking for a bit of a feet up before he goes on his merry way to work some farm near Bundy. Yeh he is a Pommie fella on walkabout.

So 3 generations of men in the house!

How will I cope?

By doing very much like I always do I dare say.

Ignore, adapt, go off like a rocket and then make a nice dinner.

What is the gender balance at your place?

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