Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Who is voting on Reality Tellie?

I have chattered on aimlessly about the shit on the tellie before. The number of Reality TV shows is pretty impressive, the number NOT the shows you understand, and the ones I am thinking of today are the ones that require votes from punters like you and me.

I have never once been compelled to pick up the phone and vote for my favourite anything.

I guess more than a dozen years ago when Big Brother first raised it's ugly head, we were introduced to the viewer voting phenomena. It's a wonderful cash cow for the networks ontop of them being able to make hours upon hours of programs for a whole lot of fuck all. Build a house, pay some techies and an editor or 2 and an MC and pop in a disparate group of wannabes who must work for nothing and get 'em to sit around and do nothing all day except try hard to annoy each other and so amuse viewers.

And yep people all over the world are happy to play this game and so pick up their phones and call a premium rate number to record their preferences.

But I wonder who actually votes. There must surely be a demographic breakdown.

I have got this idea that it is mostly women and mostly young women and mostly young teenage hetrosexual girls, who get a kick out voting for the cutest looking boys, regardless of what the point of the voting is.

Yeh I know I am raving, just to get to the point that I am trying to work out how come in 'Australia's Got Talent' all the finalists were blokes.

Now it just cannot be possible that only fellas in Australia have talent. I know personally a large number of very talented clever entertaining women.

Maybe only fellas in Australia can be bothered with the whole audition process, or maybe they are the only ones who are able to put their lives on hold for long enough to play the whole game.

Except that there seems to be in the recesses of my ever diminshing memory, many women who did take part in the game, they just didn't make a favorable impression on the Aussie Joe Public, nope the women didn't get the votes.

So in the final we had 5 male teams - yep there were some minority groups represented but no women and NO I do no consider women to be a minority group.

A fella wins King of the Jungle - no surprises that it was a good looking Aussie sports hero, and a young good looking guy wins the talent show.

I can't even consider watching that Reno show with all those lunatics but I don't think the winners are voted for are they? I seem to think that there are some pseudo experts who deliver their pearls of wisdom critiques and determine the ultimate winners and on the cooking shows at least most of the judging is done by pretty good cooks who look good on the tellie and have bothered to put together a book or two, or at least have seen to it that someone did and then  they put their name to it.

I am not keen on the whole talent competition coming in the guise of a popularity contest.

The young guy who one AGT was a good musician, and popular too, I am just not convinced that he was the most talented performer of the season.

Did you watch ?
Did you vote?
Do you know anyone who votes?

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