Friday, 4 March 2016

George Pell should die in prison.

Decades ago I found myself teaching in a Catholic Girls' school. I started as a part timer and so my admitted atheism was no impediment to my work. Yeh I took the girls to Mass and my lot were exceptionally well behaved because I didn't want my quiet enjoyment of the church architecture and the iconic artwork and the smell of the incense to be interrupted by getting up teenagers. They prayed or thought rude thoughts, who knows what really went on in their minds and I didn't care so long as they knelt and sat and stood and sang on cue.

By the time I wanted to work full time I guess the powers that be were impressed enough in my teaching and my general morality, that they kept me on even though there was that small issue of belief to hurdle. I guess the Head Teacher, pulled on her track pants cos she was happy for me to stay.

Anyway, sadly the school was closing so I found another job and when I left the same Head Teacher gave me a plaque with that quote on it. I kept that plaque for many years, and even though it is now long gone I remember it fondly, even with the Godly reference.

Yeh she knew me well.

She knew that I never flinched from an argument or a fight that needed to be had. But she was a wise woman and she could also see that I sometimes lacked the ability to see that a particular brick wall had my name written all over it. She knew that I would go forward and spend an appalling amount of time and energy fighting important hopeless cases cos she saw that there was no OFF switch here. And this has been my painful head - banging truth.

It drives Steve mad. I see something that is irrational or unfair or illogical or dishonest and I have to go at it, too often like that bull in a china shop. I shout and thrash about and things get broken and sometimes, certainly not as often as I'd like, change happens.

I don't stop to wonder about the success of my protest, cos I argue that even if the probability of success is slim, the fight is not just worthwhile, it's vital that a voice be heard.

And so we get to George Pell.

I can barely contain my rage.

The idea that he has been party to long term abuse of more children than we can know about and that he now sits in luxury, cloistered and pampered and plays the bullshit card, is abhorrent to me. I feel the bile rising just thinking about it. And I am completely and utterly incredulous  as to how anyone reconciles this abuse and cover up and complete vacuum of justice, with a loving god.

I remember, 'Blessed be the Children'.... I don't recall 'Cover the fuck up all that abuse to try to save face'

Fuck him and all those other bastards who stole children's innocence and left them irreparably damaged. Send this scum off to the worst jail imaginable to suffer the consequences from less than forgiving in-mates. If I believed in a God it would have to be a wrathful deity who dealt out fitting punishments, certainly not forgiveness for a Hail Mary.

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