Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Lovely Winter.

Soo very lovely!! Winter has finally popped its head up and there is a chill that requires a doona snuggle and a sometimes scarf.

It really is my very favourite time of the year!!

Of course it is not so cold as we are expecting snow, and there is no need to chains on the tyres and I don't believe that anti-freeze sales have gone through the roof, but it is chilly in the evenings.

The days are short and perfect, the sky a little paler blue, and still the beach beckoned yesterday morning.

Zig and I were up early. We doona snuggled and discussed issues of the world, like high schools and shoe size,  and while everyone else slept, we made some gooey porridge, He had double, maybe triple helpings of sugar and honey. Well I am MA after all, gotta keep up the traditions! And then we gathered up Dog and headed to the beach. We did have jumpers with us, but they were left in the car along with our thongs and towels and all other things beachy except our hats.

Dog loves the beach. Zig loves the beach. I love the beach. It was a joyful way to start the day.

We played paddle in the surf and throw the ball and one thing quickly led to another and Zig was right into the surf. I watched and paddled and supervised Dog and Boy. Passers-by did stop to wonder. I reckon some even questioned my Ma skills allowing a little guy to romp in the water, but mostly people smiled, even if they were rugged up in coats and scarfs.

When enough surf had been had, we popped up the beach a little and lazed in the sunshine on the warmish sand. Zig's shirt was peeled off his back and he dried out quickly enough, and he rolled and rolled and rolled in the sand. He got sand where I hope never to have sand again. And he made up 'silly walks' that would leave John Cleese swooning. I laughed and laughed. He laughed and laughed, and passers-by wondered.

Dog was buggered as she is always during a Zig visit. There is no time for leisurely dog naps with a 9 year old in the house. She sat and dried out in the sunshine too.

What a perfect way to spend a winter's morning

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