Saturday, 5 July 2014

Lime on Chevron

A while back the local radio station 94.1, was doing a fundraiser and I helped out with a little donation. I was lucky enough to win the hourly prize of a dinner for 2 at Lime on Chevron.

So off we trotted last night to see what was on offer and we certainly were not disappointed. I reckon all too often when  you 'win' a prize like this it is more of a con than anything else, so I was surprised when we lobed up and met Daniel with our voucher that he said to eat drink and be merry and that absolutely everything was covered with the voucher!

Bloody amazing!! So we ordered a couple of beers and listened to the specials and had a lovely time reading the menu. Yummo!

Entrees of leek and potato soup and garlic prawns were delivered and devoured. Delicious!

Herb crusted lamb and yummy stuff and Seafood linguine arrived and was all very tasty too. I reckon Steve's lamb might have been the winner but only marginally so.

Gluttony took over as we both ordered dessert. We had seen all sorts of scrummy sweets marching out, so were not gonna miss out. Cheesecake for Steve and a sticky date pud for me. Sometimes I wonder why I bother with entrees and mains cos I think I could just be happy with a couple of desserts and these certainly didn't disappoint.

The urban chaos flowed passed us and I really enjoyed the lights and the noise and people. We sat outside next to a heater, but there is plenty of seating inside too.

The service staff were excellent, and ensured we had everything we wanted and finally as we took our leave Daniel waved us goodbye. What an excellent host.

I want to thank Daniel and all the Lime staff. We had a wonderful evening and look forward to returning, next time happily with cash in hand.

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