Monday, 21 July 2014

Still Dibley Dog

Just a quick update woof.

Well this place ain't bad, but it ain't the Big House.

My tummy was a bit upset last night, so I didn't fancy my dinner. Maybe this  because I worried too much about being left with a crazy woman woof. Instead I am settling into the very small house with Mummy and Daddy.

I am not real sure about the fire thing. It is bloody hot, woof woof! And it goes against the grain of this young lady to have to ask to go outside to answer the call, woof woof woof. But Mummy cooked a yum dinner of lamb shoulder last night and I reckon there might be a bit left for me today so that will be a good reason for my guts to come good.

Mummy got up early and took me out into the bush for a ball throw and a, woof, well you know what we doggies do in the morning. It was pretty chilly, but she put my coat on and I ran like a crazy thing, woof.

Now I am sitting waiting for Daddy. Mummy wont let me in there to jump on the bed like I do at home. Woof woof woof, howl.

Bet we have some big adventures planned for today. Maybe I will find another dog to lay with or even a Kangaroo. Woof.

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