Friday, 18 July 2014

Westerly madness.

The westerly winds are whipping up a noisey mess in the garden and the park and the water in the canal looks like a small person could do some surf training. I do love that wind!!

My hair blows around and leaves me looking something akin to the old crazy woman people often refer to.

There is no doubt that the wind leaves people a bit nuts. Perhaps in response to this madness I decided to spring clean the laundry today, so I have been in and out of the house dropping rubbish into the wheelie which was awaiting collection on the footpath. On one of my journeys out there my dress blew up over my head and I greeted a neighbour through the fabric as she wandered along whinging about how much she hated winter. Yeh we are all very lucky that there is no photo of that!!

She lamented the wind and the cold and called for a speedy return to summer. I laughed threw my dress, fumbled to open the lid to dump a pile of crap into the bin, and tried unsuccessfully to get Dog to come back into the yard. Oh well, I just figured she was also being affected by the wind, or maybe all manner of foreign smells were being whipped along and she didn't want to miss out on any of 'em. Dog became a peeing machine, so I hope it was the smells not a urinary tract infection.

I love all that craziness. It just makes me laugh. The spontaneity of it all and people's reaction to strangeness makes for an interesting diversion.

And the cooler weather is also welcome. I don't like being cold, but I sure like being warm in the cold.

When we booked to go to Stanthorpe, the days were maxing out at about 6 or 7 degrees and the nights were as cold as -5. Yippee!! but the closer we get to heading off, the warmer are the predictions. Now it looks like it might well be thong weather while we are there and that is just a little disappointing. The place has a wood stove and I was really looking forward to just being in the warm in the cold.

So I am enjoying this bit of nuttiness and reckon if I cared less about offending the neighbours I might have to belt out a few verses or 'Que Sera Sera' - The hair might be blonde at the moment, but Doris Day I am NOT.

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