Monday, 28 July 2014

This objectification of women gives me the screaming irrits!

2 Skinny women dressed in tight black plastic, carrying whips and wearing too much bloody lippy on trout pouts...well what could that possibly be about?

These women keep popping up in the middle of the Com Games sports, sometimes twice in a row!

Are they advertising their latest venture into S&M ?

Did they get caught out at a fancy dress when their dog went missing?

Are they hoping that women everywhere remember to wash their unmentionables so they don't have to resort to wearing their old Halloween costume?

I am not sure how I would explain any of this shite to Zig without going puce in the face and doing a bit of yelling, and god knows he already knows that Ma is a bit nuts, he doesn't need any more evidence.

The camera follows the girls and I am so pleased that we are given a close up of one girl's bum crack cos it is clear that she is not wearing any knicky-noos. All that sweaty plastic right next to her bits and no cottontails for protection! Ooooh yukky!

And then the women start licking tyres and fiddling very unconvincingly with their tiny whips while some gormless fella looks on through some sort of catatonic haze.

Bloody hell!! It's an ad for some tyre place which shall not be named and never frequented by me.

What the fuck is happening here. Have I just hopped into a time machine and returned to the 70s? - a time when very scantily clad women draped themselves all over car bonnets or guns or fishing poles or whatever else men were thought to routinely want to buy. I guess that was a simpler time, when men were thought to be dickheads without a brain, only a walking penis - a time when advertisers thought it good enough to get a bloke to buy the car with the red head girl and the size 36DD tits.

Ah the 70's, when Jimmy Savile was doing his dirty filthy despicable deeds and no one thought to question it.

I thought we had moved on.

Men are not fools driven by their cocks, so I do not understand this type of advertising, unless of course these idiots are now going for the truly niche market of crazy lesbian S&M folk who might need a tyre on a rope on which to swing.

This objectification of women gives me the screaming irrits!

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