Friday, 25 July 2014

Home Sweet Home

This is the hard to take view from our table at the Brewery yesterday.

We took a leisurely drive home today.

First we called in and grabbed a coffee and sultana scone at a place on the High Street. How very yummy and Dog enjoyed the vanilla cream by the finger full....Yeh I know she shouldn't ....don't send any letters. We called in for petrol and cash and then were offskie.

We went via Harry's place at The Summit,  cos he had a couple of tractor seats which Steve reckons he might be able to use, and I wanted to take some pics of the tractor thing that I would quite like to allow Zig to climb on in the garden. Country folk always seem to have time for a natter and a quick escape was neither wanted nor possible.

My THING was used for making long mound in the earth to grow strawberries or something. I am not gonna pretend to be all Farmer Joe. It has interesting metal disc things that I can see all painted up in different colours. It's about 3 metres long and maybe a bit more than a metre wide and weighs in at about half a ton or is that half a tonne.... Not sure why I am questioning that really cos it makes no difference to me. I don't know the difference. I will say that it is bloody heavy. If I / we can work out a way of hauling it over the fence without doing any damage then it is  a possibility, although, I am pretty sure that I like it far more than Steve...I can see it glammed up and all, and it is possible that I have not yet made a compelling argument for it. Watch this space. The price Harry wants for it includes delivery!! Well he's going to be coming to the Goldie to visit his son so he could just pop it onto his trailer. Country folk are unbelievably obliging!

Little towns passed in a blur and we stopped at Boonah for a look see. I hadn't been there for many years and I must admit that my memories were no what called for the stop... more likely it was time to pee and take Dog out for a walk. Well what a quaint place it is. Coffee shops aplenty and if you want to buy some walloping slabs of beef you are spoiled for choice, with 3 butchers in about 150 metres. No big Coles or Woolies buggering up local shopping here in Boonah. Yummo T Bone steaks for dinner!

Then we poodled along back to the Goldie.

When Steve came back from a month in London, he commented that the house seemed empty, and I wondered if that was a complaint, but coming home today I could see what he meant. There is so much lovely space and whilst there have been no almighty arguments resulting from the confined quarters, I am pretty sure there is a limit to how long we could both be sardined in together. We do enjoy some space!!

Dog was straight in and onto her couch on the deck. I think that all the excitement has completely worn her out. Me too it must be said.

Reckon it is time to be horizontal on my couch.

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