Tuesday, 22 July 2014

It's a Dog's life. Woof.

What a lovely couple of days, woof! After I got over my possible abandonment issues and my upset tummy from maybe nerves or all those corners, I have really settled in.

Mummy and Daddy have found all sorts of places which embrace THE DOG. Yesterday we went to the Bramble Patch where I had a little run around and licked some cream and ice cream and coulis from Mummy's spoon, yum yum woof, Don't look too closely at my photo if that sort of thing makes you squeamish, woof woof.

We travelled along old roads to old places and sometimes Mummy and Daddy left me in the monster for a sleep and sometimes I was out and about with them. We went to Wallangarra and Tenterfield and had a little mooch around some of the shops and Mummy found a big field full of old machine parts... who would think you could farm them?? There was a sign there that said all the stuff was being auctioned in October, but I don't know if Mummy is that patient. Woof ha ha!

She wants to give me a new peeing post in the garden, and if she gets one of these things then I will be the talk of the park. A brand new pissing post, really I can hardly wait, WOOF!

Today we went along a very very bumpy road which had a flash name, Mt Lindsey Road, but the bitumen man missed long stretches of it and the monster truck is now pretty dirty. I think my tummy might have gotten a little mixed up along the way, but the grass I chewed up at the pub this afternoon, seems to have sorted that.

Along the way we came across a big old load of COWS woof woof woof. I really wanted to get out and do a bit of herding cos the silly things were wandering all over the road. I reckon Daddy was a bit nervous in case they stampeded at the car, but Mummy went mad with the camera and giggled like a girl.

When we got to Kilarney I stayed in the car while they went into a little gallery and they came out with some stuff which didn't look like a new pissing post to me, but which seemed to make them happy, and then we drove on through the rain to Warwick.

As ever I went spastic at the traffic lights. I don't know what you all hear at these things but the noise does drive me completely nuts. When we got passed 'em, I settled into the High Street experience. Warwick is holding its, 'Jumpers and Jazz' festival. All the trees and the usual pissing posts were dressed up with very funny looking stuff. Mummy went mad with her camera AGAIN woof. Daddy got some shoes and we had a very good poke around the Warwick town centre. I liked Warwick very much, woof. People kept on stopping us and saying what a pretty girl I am. It is a very friendly place.

Mummy and Daddy have decided that I am grown up enough to go for a little wander around our cabin, all on my own. It seems odd to me that they insist on coming with me most of the time
just to collect up my shit. There is so much other doggie doos around here I do wonder what difference my little offerings would make but there are obsessed with it. Maybe they just really enjoy it. woof woof ha ha ha.

They have let me off my lead at friendly places and I have been very good coming back when I am called, even when Mummy forgets to give a treatie.

I am having a lovely time on my holiday. woof woof woof.

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