Thursday, 3 July 2014

A Woman's wallet is a very personal thing.

My poor old girl is just plain grubby and more than a little worn out, but I have loved her. We are so comfortable together. I can fiddle around with her in the dark and always know just where to grab and finger to ensure that all's right with the world. Yeh that just means I can always find the Amex and at a pinch, my licence in case of trouble.

The relationship most women have with their wallets is very personal. I spent a long time searching for just the right thing. It needed to hold my cards and sometimes cash and sometimes coins and mostly not get too fat when I shovel in receipts and other silly bits of paper that I might want 'sometime'. Really the crap I keep in there is just nonsense and maybe wishful thinking.

Nik has had a 'big girl' for some years and I admit that it looks very handy and today when we went off to get one as a present for her Aunt, I had a good look at them. Over coffee I gave hers a bit of a test run and saw that it would easily hold all my stuff as well as my phone, so as everything was on sale and they had a red one I decided to take the plunge.

These wallets come in a beautiful range of colours and are worth a bit of a look if you are thinking about a retirement plan for your girl.

Now I am looking forward to spending sometime finding a new home for all my cards and bits and of course to throwing out some shit that I have been carrying around for far too long.

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