Thursday, 24 July 2014

A couple of Doggie Touristy Days

There is plenty to do in and around Stanthorpe and it might surprise people to know that it is not only all about the wineries and identifying the front back upside-down notes of autumnal fruits or the stinky bouquets.

Yeh we went to a Cellar Door and I discovered that the reason I am not a fan, is cos I feel like such a fucking idiot. I had no clue what the woman was on about. She might as well have been talking Chinese. I do very much hate feeling like a fool. We only went in to get another bottle of the wine we had bought and enjoyed from a local bottleo. We tried all the whites and still left with the bottle we went in for. I breathed a sigh of relief when we left. We didn't go to any others, one was more than enough.

We did however call in to The Granite Belt Brewery, and this place was a different kettle of fish altogether. The beer came on a tasting paddle and the woman/girl was just lovely. It was in a big old boozer and they were more than happy for us to spend a leisurely afternoon in their garden with the dog frolicking and sometimes chasing the ducks. The boutique beers were all different and some tasted good and some were a bit shit, but Steve came away with some stubbies of IRA - Irish Red Ale. It's dark and tasty.

I drove the monster truck home.

We have met some great country folk. Harry runs a wrecking sort of yard. I might be doing him a disservice with that description. He has some machines in bits and I am still trying to work out how I could use various bits and pieces. Steve and Harry chattered for a while about the pumps and pulleys and the 'stuff' and I wondered what the bits would look like upside down painted various colours. I have Harry's card and will keep in touch.

The people in the Cheese factory were friendly and again more than happy to accommodate Dog. We had a light snack here and took away some yummy cheese and sour cherry jam.

It should be noted that I reckon Dog has become very well behaved while we've been away. Perhaps she is just so bloody pleased to be included. She sits calmly with us wherever we are and people have been stopping and ignoring us but saying hello to her, complimenting her on her good manners and pretty face.

We stopped at the arse end of buggery and climbed along a bit of a shit path to find Thunderbolt's Hideout, which turned out to be less than salubrious. It will surprise few to learn that my great great great grandfather was indeed Thunderbolt the bushranger, and when as I guess was inevitable, he had to run to hide, he found comfort in the granite boulders and caves. More about Mr Ward at a later time.

So we are heading home tomorrow, perhaps via Harry's place and maybe Warwick.

Whilst I have enjoyed our little foray into the Doggie holiday, I must admit that I will be happy to be back home to my bathroom and a little more space.

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