Friday, 11 July 2014

Dog Coats - what a selection!

As we are heading off into the wide brown yonder very soon and as the temperatures there have been somewhere between -5 and about 15 and as we are taking Dog with us, we thought it prudent to make sure that Dog is gonna be warm enough. We wouldn't want her to catch a cold after all.

Our local pet shop, Bernies has always been our favourite. A huge chain shop opened up across the road from it and I thought that was more than a little cheeky. I don't know what goes on in there and I don't care to know.

We like Bernies!! It is family run and at sometime in the past I taught one of the kids - now an adult.

We like Bernies!! There is always someone there to help out and give excellent advice.

We like Bernies!! They have helped us look after Dog and set up our fish pond and now they help us look after the girls too.

So when we wanted a coat for Dog, of course we went to Bernies.

The range of outfits was more than a little overwhelming, and as I have never needed to buy a coat for a dog before, we needed help.

There was no limit to the number of outfits we were allowed to try on. Firstly the lovely woman measured Dog and then showed us coats in all manner of styles and colours and thicknesses and prices. Dog was very well behaved. Yes of course she was allowed into the shop so she could be fitted properly.

Honestly, I have had far less attention very often, trying to fit and buy shoes for Zig.

We settled on a very fetching number which should keep her warm and dry.

Dog stands beautifully while we dress her. She is not the least bit fazed by it all. Again I have had more trouble with Zig losing interest in a shoe shop or a clothes store.

I think she looks FAB. I reckon she should wear her little coat all the time, but Steve wants her to save it for Stanthorpe.

We got her a new supply of food and some food for the girls and they gave us a 10% discount and a great big bucket thing to hold all her biscuits.

We like Bernies!!

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