Monday, 14 July 2014


We are all a bloody long time dead, so it makes no sense at all  to sit around day after day just getting closer to the grim reaper's grasp. Last year was pretty shitful, and I was just pleased to be able to keep one foot in front of the other. But now I am ready and rearing to go.

Once a month, assuming I can get it sorted, we are gonna be off to explore bits of OZ. First up is Stanthorpe this weekend. It should be cold and frosty and as we have Dog's outfit sorted she should be able to enjoy the excursion too.

Taking Dog is proving the adventurous bit of our expeditions. If we can manage to throw her into the car and take off then we will be able to take off more often.

It is far more taxing trying to plan time away with a dog. For 2 adults you can go budget or flash and whatever your choices there are plenty of possibilities, you just need to decide what you want and go for it. But Dog makes it tricky. Dog becomes the only prerequisite.

Places might well advertise that they are 'Pet Friendly', but I have discovered that that is not always the case. In fact all too often that is just a bit of nonsense.

I know I have mentioned this before but as my day has been full of all this, my mind is just volcano spewing about it. Steve is pleased I am writing to get it out of my system.

Today I rang a place in Maryborough as I am planning the next jaunt to Yeppoon.

'Yes we are pet friendly. How big is your dog?'
'She's a kelpie'
'Oh dear, we only have toy dogs in the rooms and only then if they are kept in the bathroom. There
 is one room we have that is near a disused toilet block that you could lock your dog in. If your dog goes into the room and drops fur on the carpet, I will have to charge you $250 for cleaning.'

I am the first to support the owners' right to set any rules they like, but I don't think the fine print at this place, proved it to be pet friendly.

I would like to insist that no children are allowed in rental places. Grubby little vegemite fingers running all around the walls - yukky and time consuming to clean, but it's not politically correct to say that kids are all too often a pain in the bum.

Anyway I think our little plan of just hopping in the monster truck and taking off is a bit utopian. It is necessary to have a list of truly dog friendly places all sorted and confirmed before taking off. And in doing the planning I am getting to chat to some pains, but also to some lovely folk. People who own dogs and run accommodation businesses are keen to swap dog stories and are understandably more tolerant.

There that's the truth of it. I am like any parent of a small kid. Just as they want to brag about their kids and discuss their quirks and capabilities, I want to carry on about Dog.

Oh dear I have become a Dog Mother.

I am really hoping that Dog friendly is not a euphemism for stinky smelly dirty shit box, cos whilst Dog has been THE perquisite I don't want to stay in a kennel.

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