Sunday, 29 June 2014

Weaned drugs, a washer and an Ortho called Angus.

Well Yippee to some clear thinking! I have finally managed to wean off all the shitful mind buggering drugs necessary to get to have a go at the Botox barrage which has a good chance of stemming the frequency of the bloody migraines!

So I have had a couple of days of being back to my old self. Steve reckons that he might have to start sliding some squashed up pills into my dinner just to slow me down a bit. It is so lovely to firstly notice that things need to be done and then to have the energy and will power to get 'em done.

I don't understand at all how or why people opt for the drug swampy brain. Seriously I would have to have been even more medicated, medicated to the point of not being aware that I was medicated, medicated to the point where I was unaware of who I am and what I can do and what I was missing, and if you get to that point then I am not at all sure what stops you from choosing the big green needle. Either I am here or I am not. I just can't see any middle ground on this.

It's been quite the week, cos amid all the weaning, things at the big house have been a little busy. A 10 year milestone was passed and celebrated with a rash impulsive purchase... no not diamonds - A walloping washing machine, which halves the washing time and as sad as it sounds, I can get quite excited about being able to wash doonas and pillows. Yeh sometimes I can be a sad old git!

And we headed off to interview a local ortho chappie about getting my other knee sliced up sometime in spring. My other ortho, Laurie is a lovely bloke, but he only works in Brisvegas, and it would just make so much sense to find someone down here that I could get along with. I tried this years ago and came up empty so I was not too hopeful.

Angus, I mean really, how could you NOT love a bloke called ANGUS, was fine. He thought things were pretty urgent. I think he might have mentioned next week for the chopping!! But I have it in my mind that early October will suit me, cos I will be able to get right into the pool and besides that will mean that I am only a full year behind schedule. I really did mean to get it sorted last October, but tits got in the way.

There is a little plan in place now and I do like a plan.

I would like to do a 'nose wrinkle' a la I Dream of Jeannie and wake up mid November and have it all done and dusted... Oh dear I am back to the drug haze.


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