Friday, 14 February 2014

Valentines Day including the roses

For years now, Steve and I have all but ignored this silliness except for the placement of a series of silly cards in spots which demonstrate that we know each others habits well. Steve places cards in the evening prior to, cos I am always in bed first and he is always up last. I put something in his cereal box and he places something next to the kettle. I pop something in his hat and he hides something near my tooth brush. Oh dear how all very predictable.

But today when I got home from a silly little outing, I ran into a big old bunch of roses.  Now the cynics among us might wonder what wrongs he was trying to right. It's the old story isn't it? The bigger the misdemeanour the bigger the bunch of flowers and if the err was huge, then only a florist shop will do.

But I don't reckon Steve has been up to mischief. I don't reckon he has any guilt to purge. I reckon it is far more likely that this year he has had 4 days on the trot of walking passed all the nonsense as we walk through the village for coffee, and busy bodies prompting him to remember the DAY and the flowers. It would have been impossible to ignore or forget. So organised he was and very nice too.

I am going to stick my face right into the bunch and enjoy the moment.

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