Thursday, 13 February 2014

Bursting the Boredom

No this is NOT about cooking! I just liked the graphic.

Today was set up to be just the usual, just ordinary, plain even, yeh ok, maybe a little yawn making, and then during coffee things moved a little out of the groove.

A very pleasant lady from the bakery which was the topic of the Macaron disappointment stopped by and apologised profusely for her arrogant boss. I was pleased that even though she was on hols last week, my story had gotten around and she felt compelled to say something. I am pleased too cos this means there are no hard feelings with the girls on the counter so I can go back and buy bread, well at least I am gonna send Steve over after for a French stick for dinner and see how we go.

Maz joined us and we caught up on her Reno plans and might have even been able to save her some cash by sharing some pond building tips that we discovered by trial and error and a great deal of research.

My phone rang and as almost never happens, I had it with me and Andrea said she was at my front gate, so I swished on  home in time for a lovely visit and a great story about her recent travels and runs in with the Laos police.

Then off to the RQAS ( Royal Queensland Art Society) for details about the weekend workshop. The gallery has had a fine refurb since the last time I was there, and the paintings were worth a little look. I found the info for Sunday and then I read the materials list and now I am baulking a bit. It was a comprehensive list indeed, right down to the weight of the paper, the size and shape of the brushes and the brand and COLOURS of the paint.

Well, many years ago, I decided that I was not really fit to teach ART at high school. I could barely control my impulse to rip the brush, pen, pastel, whatever out of the kids' hands and do it for 'em. Not good form for a teacher. Well I can't help thinking that everyone is gonna walk out on sunday afternoon with something that looks much the same as the next persons. I don't really want to do that. I don't know what I want to do, but I know it's not that!

All was not lost though as I met the new president and he is a jolly bloke and I reckon I am ready to join again and that could well be the impetus I need to get cracking.

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