Friday, 7 February 2014

Beautiful Belly's Birthday

My Lovely Girl was 21 again yesterday. I am pleased to say that she seemed to enjoy herself with the old folk and Zig of course and today she gets to have a hoot with people more her own age.

Steve out-did himself to get everything done that I wanted done in a time frame that suited me!
We packed up the monster truck with Zig's double bunk bed and Belly's new dining table and mattresses etc on Wednesday evening so that we could make a quick get away on Thursday morning. I reckoned we had a good days' work to get everything set up before Bell got home from work.

We were on the road by 9.30am and the truck was unloaded into the flat and we were at the local coffee shop by about 11.15, then back to the flat to get cracking. We made the table and assembled the bunks, then Steve set about making the drawers for under the bed. I set out sorting the kitchen. We rearranged  Zig's furniture and man handled his old bed out of the way - no easy feat as we had mm to spare in every direction and it weighed a bloody ton. Our arses hit the couch at just after 3 in time to collect Zig from school and take him for a milkshake as Grandies do.

Bell was home early and the parcel madness ensued, with the lunatic singing and wooohooing - yes even Steve got in on the act. Then  quick showering, Steve was the timekeeper!! and off to the pub for a steak dinner. Bell's 600 g Rump looked like about enough to feed 4 blokes, but she polished it off like a woman having a birthday.

Sparklers sparked and more songs were sung in Japanese and English and German and cake was had.

Really what a wonderful day we had. Steve and I were completely buggered and I was pleased to be a passenger on the way home.

Dog went completely spastic when we rolled in cos she had been by herself all day and half the night.

Ah it is indeed wonderful to be loved!

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