Monday, 24 February 2014

Zig's Birthday Week and it's all Hands on Deck

The not so little fella is a big 9 NINE this week and that means pressies and cakes and party preparations.

There are 2 kids in his class this year with epi pen nut allergies so he has asked for blueberry muffins for his school cakes.

I am making these on Thursday cos I have time and a fool proof recipe for muffins and then Belly and I will take 'em up to school on Friday in time for morning tea.

It is amazing just how quickly kids get into the hang of the nut allergy routine. When I said I was gonna make the cakes Zig grilled me about whether they would be nut free and how did I know even if I was making them from scratch, that the ingredients would all be nut free. And I guess he has a point. I can only hope that the flour factory and the sugar factory etc are all busy enough to not have to moonlight making peanut shit.

We are so lucky that Zig doesn't have to worry about any of this, and just as an aside I do wonder when it became a 'thing'. I have no memory of Bell's mates having any issues and certainly there was no problem that I can recall when I was at school all those centuries ago, so how did it happen that this generation has this potentially lethal ailment?

After the school visit Belly and I will do final bits of shopping for the party and on Saturday I will get my little list of stuff sorted for an early exit on Sunday. I think Steve would like to come up so Zig knows he is loved, but I am not sure that the early exit will work in his favour. We will wait and see.

Bell has got a number of games planned which require the kids being brave and getting filthy, so I am looking forward to taking lots of mucky pics.

Roll on filthy sunday I reckon. Snags and sweeties and games galore. Yippee!!

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