Monday, 10 February 2014

Making Memories

I stumbled upon that old movie 'Stepmom' with Susan Sarandon, Julia Roberts and Ed Harris. It was more than part way through, but that didn't matter cos I had seen it before.

It's sad and lovely all at the same time. So I laughed and cried and enjoyed Steve being at golf, and I wondered if it was indeed possible to purposefully set out to create memories or if they just sort happen and stick to the happy side of your brain.

I'm either pretty lucky or maybe just a bit retarded, because I have a short memory span for most shitty events and hurtful arsehole people. Oh I remember stuff at will but the memories are not sitting there bubbling away creating their own bit of brain bile.

I really hope that Belly and Zig's happy brains are full of  wonderful, silly mad moments and that they are not buried so deep that they need oversized shovels to resurrect them. I like to imagine them bursting out laughing for no apparent reason as a silly moment takes hold in their brain.

And I don't just mean memories about me, I mean all happy moments. I just want their happy brains to be full full full to bubbling up overflowing.

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