Sunday, 2 February 2014


To all the daughters out there!

It's been more than 20 years since I have heard from Mother. We had had an argument and I stopped answering the phone and she stopped calling.

I was relieved that she was no longer rearing her ugly head, asking for help and demanding attention and offering nothing in return. She was a very needy type, who regardless of ability always wanted someone to 'do for her'. She seemed to think that was her entitlement. I presume she was pleased with her decision to cut off all ties as she has never made any attempt to contact me again.

My life has been far less complicated as a result.

However, when I read quotes like this one I found on Facie, I do wonder how she has managed it. I know that I would never let this happen to Belly and me.

We have had some rip roaring arguments and there has been temporary silences, but I would just not put up with it! Arguments are resolved and we move on. Sometimes I suck it up and sometimes she does, but sucking definitely happens.

I reckon that it is part of the Mother job description. For better or worse, in richness etc etc, and there is no divorce or get out of jail free card. Just do it!! Tick. Nike should use mothers in their ads.

I hope this does not sound like a big onerous shitting job, cos being Mum and now Ma, have been my best jobs, the financial reward is rubbish but there are other benefits: Hugs and cuddles and 'I love you' s. as  well as knowing that there is a constant bit of wonderful in my life.

I have very often used Mother as a barometer of exactly what NOT to do and so far that seems to be working out OK.

Love you Belly!! and Zig Too.

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