Saturday, 15 February 2014

The Winter OMG Did you see that? Olympics.

Right now it is about 35 stinky degrees and I have taken off everything I can without scaring the neighbours or getting arrested for flaunting flobbly bits less than fabulous. My imagination is running to those ski slopes in Sochi. It would firstly be an excellent time to give my rainbow scarf a very long fine outing and the cold on my face would be just an added bonus. Being a product of the movie and tellie age I suppose if I was thrown in jail for the waving of my scarf, then at least I would not be sliding sweatily around on the concrete floor, instead it would be more than a little chilly. Ah how lovely!

Anyway sometime has been spent watching this spectacle. It completely beggars belief how these folk have the nerve to throw themselves down the slopes and half pipes.... no I am not going all groovy on your ass, until now, I thought this tubey thing was a half pint or a half pike. But it doesn't matter what you call it, I reckon these folk are just plain bonkers!

They have fallen like rag dolls off the slope loop thing and become mangled at the top of the pipe where there just doesn't seem to be enough room to swing a cat let alone provide any breathing space for a mad fly through the air girl or guy. Instead of hearing about all their recent successes mostly the commentary is about their body bits that are missing or hanging by a thread. When I heard that someone was flying headfirst into some crazy abyss and did not have an ACL to bless himself with, well this is where I drew the line. Nothing connecting the knees to the legs, SHIT! 2 knee braces and a pair of skiis and some crazy death wish, and what about the guy who has a broken hand so cant hold the ski sticks, so goes without 'em.

The competitive nature of athletes which drives the 'hot' games seems to be reserved for the figure skaters and I reckon quite a lot of them might like to borrow my pretty scarf. Perhaps the gay community's disgust and dismay about the Russian laws can be displayed through less than subtle costuming at the ice rink.

I would love love love to see competitors dressed in the rainbow, completely kicking Russia's arse.

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