Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Girlie High Tea


Quite the chaotic morning with well meaning strangers ringing the door bell to let me know that my water metre is leaking.... I mean OK, but who does that?? I am pretty sure that I would not be waking complete strangers to let them know water was escaping onto the ground outside their house and I certainly would not be ringing and ringing and bloody ringing. Seriously I thought it was some shitty kids just practising being painful.

So yes there was water leaking and a call to the Council saw some plumbers arrive and then no water to the house and when I got home I guess all was fixed, though I must admit I didn't look cos I don't really care if the footpath is having a bath.

With makeup applied in the rather vain hope that it didn't slide right off my face onto my chest in this heat, it was off to Maria's for champers and sweeties and much much later a cuppa. Maria had spent what I can only imagine to be about a year cooking all these little bits of lovely. We sat in the shade in a breezy spot and caught up on the gossip. Who was dating who, who had gained 2 pounds who had lost their phone, where to go on holidays and where best to buy and then hide your women's' play things. Ah women's chatter, no wonder men don't get it!

Most of the women I had met before and there were a couple of new-to-me gals. A lively time was had by all. Thanks so much to Maria for welcoming us all yet again!!

Maybe I should pull on some wellies and go have a look at the water problem - Oh No - No wellies, oh well.


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