Sunday, 16 February 2014

Now there are more than 50 options for Gender

Transgender: Sometimes abbreviated to trans, this is

Facebook, which I must admit I really really enjoy, has just announced that it has increased the gender option drop downs from 2 to more than 50.

Well surely this just shows political correctness going completely bonkers.

And this does not come from some WASPy old woman who has never been out of the bubble.

I dated a bloke who was full of all sorts of secrets, and one night he finally decided that it was time to reveal a couple so he nicked into his room as Allan and came back as Julie. I wasn't all that shocked about the cross dressing. Who cares what people wear? But as the months rolled on and his conversation never moved too far from women's fashion and shoes, well it became a bit tedious, so we called it a day.

Some months later he rolled up at home and told me that he wanted to be a woman and would I help him buy underwear to hide all his bits, which I did. He was saving for the slice off, and growing boobs and lasering his beard. I was surprised that he refused to spend any money on voice coaching cos I reckoned that would have been money well spent.

Anyway we lost contact as you do with old boyfriends, and I rarely thought of Allan / Julie again, until I met another bloke years later, who somehow reminded me of him.

This fella had run into me at an Art show and had then hacked into the Dept of Ed computers to find my address and phone number. I suppose warning bells should have already been ringing!

Anyway on our first date I was had this niggle that became a roar, and I just blurted it out. 'Tell me, do you want to be a woman?' He said, 'No.' I suppressed my certain knowledge and finally some months later he told me the truth. Oh well another bit the dust.

I have given my wedding dress to a gay mate who was getting married and I dressed in a Dinner Suit so I could give him away.

I have attended parties where I reckon I might have been the only straight, as I was born intact woman.

And through all this I do not recall any conversations about what LABEL anyone wanted. We were all just a jolly little group happy having drinks and  a laugh.

So who came up with this idea? And what is the difference between a woman and a female? And I haven't looked but do I now get to choose whether I am a woman or a female or a lady, and if I do, how am I gonna choose, cos actually I don't give a shit.

Is it the old grumpy woman in me that doesn't give a shit?

Is someone at Facebook just taking the piss?

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