Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Still filthy hot with a side of showers.

One of the only fab thing about my inability to sleep well is that this morning I got to see the few drops of rain fall.

Even now more than 2 hours later the sky is trying hard to have a little pee, but I can't help thinking that maybe it has a bladder infection and that some medication is in order so a full stream can be restored.

I don't reckon the heat is gonna break until there is some rain, and certainly the trees and the grass could do with a drink.

Just an aside about the garden, I was out there yesterday and trying to do what I could with the fish pond and I noticed a big fat grub on one of the new plants we put in just a week or so ago. I got closer and the whole bloody thing was covered in 'em, and so was the other one bought at the same time. I have been worried that the plants seemed to be failing and have not been able to work it out, but these grubby little fuckers seem to be the cause. The only things it seems that grown in the dry are the bloody grubs!

So I removed 'em all, careful not to actually touch one with my bare hands..ooh YUKKY. and ended up with a bucket load but didn't know what to do with the greedy little sods. I was just gonna tip 'em into the park but I was worried that they might crawl back over here cos the food is soo good, and then Steve said that worms can re-grow from either end if they are chopped in half so if I was gonna kill I had to do a real damn fine job of it. I put on my trusty thongs and ground those fuckers into a grub paste on the concrete. Don't reckon they will be coming back anytime soon.


 Off to Brisvegas today with tape measure and cleaning products, and the lovely anticipation of afternoon tea with Zig and then dinner all together later when Bell gets in from work. Am gonna have to pack a 'work-a-day' shirt cos I reckon almost certainly just sitting still will see me sweat through at least one outfit and it would just not do to embarrass the darling Zig when I pick him up. Nobody wants to be collected by a stinky sweaty Ma now do they?

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