Saturday, 30 August 2014

The World Congress of Families SUCK



Aldi removed Roald Dahl's book, 'Revolting Rhymes' from it's shelf because of a couple of complaints on it's Facebook page. The objection was raised because the dickhead head Prince in Cinderella called her a slut. Well bugger me!!

Burchell Wilson - yeh I know, who is he? - well he's the chief economist at the Australian Chamber of Commerce, got stood down cos some time ago he put up a picture of a tubby kid Joe Hockey with a comment, ' Fat little bastard'. And there were some other comments about Muslims. Really it wouldn't matter what those comments were, he clearly just was not entitled to say anything on his private Facebook page.

So clearly censorship puts paid to any honest interpretation of 'Freedom of Speech'

Unless you have a few minutes to waste and decided for fuck knows what reason, to have little look at stuff about The World Congress Of Families.

This bunch of fundamentalist Christians or extreme Catholics are meeting in Melbourne right now.

They are rabid anti abortion, anti gay and anti porn loons. I am sure they are anti lots more things but that was the stomach lurching limit to my research.

What a utopia they promote!! Graduate High School, get married and have some kids and you will never be poor!! Well fuck me!! I just never realised that it was that easy! There are just so many holes in this theory, no idea, no OPINION. Let's all have a little slice Stepford wives shall we, I'll put the kettle on and whip up a cake while I wear my apron. I am guessing that there are millions of poverty stricken folk in Africa or the war ripped Middle East who would be grateful for this simple solution to their desperation.

Still those poor sods who are party to the whole poverty cycle should be very pleased because at least they have no easy access to pornography. In the June 2014 Newsletter, according to Gail Danes - buggered if I know if she has any qualifications and I am pretty sure they'd be as skewed as a pretzel if she does,  reckons, no states definitively, 'Hypersexualised images have prepared an entire generation of boys and girls to become exploitators (sic) or exploited'. So to save the world we need to censor porn and allow this lot to promote as FACT whatever shit they choose believe.

I wonder how it is that all these nutters are allowed to say the most inflammatory shit without reproach.

I wonder when Freedom of Speech was a token handed out to the preferred few, and what I really wonder is who is doing the doling out!

I am pleased that I don't find it necessary to censor myself on this little blog.

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