Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Nail Infections - look away now.

Almost a year ago I noticed a shit curling thing happening to my big toe nail. OOOOO YUK!

I had for years had my toes 'done'. I like to be able to poke colourful toes into my thongs. It sort makes them high fashion - the thongs not my toes. Coloured toes can make any shoes look flasher and they also make it fine and dandy to wander barefoot.

I reckon feet are the most unattractive bits of my body unless I count what the rest of it looks like lounging by the pool in a too small tankini, in which case the toes if painted are not really too bad.

I am not a high maintenance kind of gal. I can be ready in heart beat to be off into the world. I don't give a rats arse what people think. Makeup is a sometimes thing, and if I haven't got time or the inclination to do my hair then I just grab a handful and scrape it back.

But an hour in a salon with the smells and the hippy dippy music and someone scraping and buffing and painting my toes is an hour very well spent.

There's a woman at Main Beach who does an extraordinary job. She attacks all that hard gristly skin with a scalpel blade and my feet come out like a newborn's. She's pretty pricey tho.

So occasionally I would save a few pennies and go to one of those feet factories that appear routinely on 'A Current Affair'. Their hygiene is questionable. I am never sure if they have cleaned let alone disinfected the foot bowl, or the tools and the fact that they wear hand gloves should I suppose tell us that they don't want to get any little diseases from our feet.

So an infection I got, from where one can never be sure.

Dr Jane told me what stuff to get and said that I needed to be diligent about painting this shit on twice a day for about a year.

And so I did.

No pedicures, no polished toes, just shit that turned my nail black and a truly ugly sblodge pointing out the end of my thongs. Yeh I could have worn shoes, but that would have meant finding some.

But as I look today, I reckon I am DONE. It might not be pretty, but it ain't black and flaky and curly, so it must be time to bring on the paint! Yippee!!

Who would have thought that I could ever have been patient enough to see success so slowly. 

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